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Is Your Lack of a Backup Strategy Company At Risk?

Company Risk Associated with Backup Strategies

Litigation Risk

Exposure to regulatory action has surpassed that of shareholder-related suits. In the history of the SEC, there have been 18 penalty payments in excess of $50 million -and 12 of these have occurred within the past 15 months.”
Financial Services -Driven by SEC 17a-4 -190PB market by 2006 (59% CAGR)Litigation Risk of electronic evidence
The focus of litigation is increasingly dependent on the discovery and authenticity of electronic evidence.
Average securities litigation settlements continue to rise -$25.1M in first seven months of 2003 (Pricewaterhouse Coopers).
Average product liability settlement has jumped from 1.7 million in 1996 to 6 million in 2002 (Wall Street Journal).
“Mega liability awards -those in excess of $100 million -have grown significantly. 7 such settlements in 2004. (Willis Group).
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