Computer Storage Services

Advanced Features: Computer Backup / Data Remote Storage Services (CSS) Online Backup Suite

Computer Storage Services Online Data Backup Storage Service provides reliable storage for user backup data to a remote location, profiles and backup configurations - perfect for remote backup in a 24 7 enterprise. The integrity of the backup data is closely monitored with the CSS management console keeping track of usage information, quotas and activities of each user, as well as system activities and exceptions. This comprehensive operational information makes user and system administration much simpler. In addition, the extensive email alerts keep the system administrators informed on the system wellness, and updated on the status of their backups.
Specific Backup agents
Microsoft Exchange Mail Level (Email archive software)
Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft SQL Server (sql server backup software)
Oracle Database (oracle backup)
My SQL (backup mysql)
Lotus Domino Server
Platform Independent
Windows, Linux, Unix, Novell, AS 400, Mac
Open file backup Backup
Files can be backed up even when they are open, e.g. backup your Microsoft Outlook data files even when you are working with your emails.
In-File delta
Data transfer is minimized by uploading only the modified data blocks, making backing up data remotely efficient.
Point-in-time restore
CSS provides flexible retention policy settings and it allows you to restore snapshots of the data set as of a particular point in time.
Scheduled backup
CSS provides a very flexible backup scheduler, you can easily implement your desired backup policy.
Secure data storage
Data are encrypted and compressed before being uploaded and stored on the Backup Server.
Easy to install
The installation process is self-explanatory. In addition, CSS provides comprehensive documentations for users and administrators.
Secure user web interface
The CSS web interface allows you to restore their backup files from anywhere at anytime.
Centralized web management console
Administration is done centrally through web interfaces, which is very easy to follow.
Comprehensive online and email reports
The management console provides access to extensive details on system activities, backup jobs, restore jobs, backup errors and replication activities. System administrators are informed on the system wellness through alert emails and users updated on the status of their backups through email reports.
Complete user administration
Through the Management Console, administrators can fully control a user's quota, bandwidth throttling, allowed add-on modules (e.g. MS Exchange, In-File Delta, Open File Backup, etc.), backup sets configuration, and backup data administration. Moreover, administrators can access all the backup reports and statistics corresponding to the user.
Minimal maintenance required
The management console automatically performs all the necessary housekeeping tasks such as obsolete data files removal, data integrity checking, rebuild user storage information, inactive trial user removal and log files clean up.
Integration API
The management console exposes APIs for integrating other applications with the Backup Server.
Bandwidth reservation
The CSS console allows you to limit the bandwidth used for replication, reserving it for other more critical applications.
Web management
Administration can be done through an easy-to-follow web interface.
Detailed online report
The management Console provides access to detailed replication activities.
Easy to install and configure
The installation process is self-explanatory. In addition, we provide comprehensive documentation for users and administrators.
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